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I've been playing with this over the weekend. It's simple and the design is clean. It has many similarities to @willydennis' Hollerback... but with fewer batman masks. @carmeldea - you were asking for examples of video-based communication apps. Here's another! :)
Hi all -- I'm Tom, the designer co-founder of Peeps. We think it's a more personal way to stay in touch with friends, and really fun when you get a group conversation going. Your friends don't need the app to see your videos -- so go ahead and hit them up on Peeps! Very happy to answer any Qs.
yo @tomcavill -- what inspired the creation of peeps, what's the story behind it? How do you guys compare to other similar apps? What's in store for the future of peeps :)
Hey @ErikTberg, thanks for the question. Alex (my cofounder) and I were working together on the Autographer camera -- long hours etc. We both agreed that we felt bad not keeping in touch with friends/family during those intense months, and that a brief text felt so impersonal. So with Peeps you can send a really personal message very quickly -- it's like a Skype call broken into chunks, all the emotional benefit of a video call without the inconvenience of having to "arrange" it. The other benefit is that allowing users to watch back their conversations creates great opportunities for little comedic narratives to develop in groups of friends. I have this one awesome thread of a load of London's designers Peeping themselves enjoying after-work drinks (cc. @jongold). I guess our main point of difference right now is that ability to playback the fun, but we have some awesome ideas in-store -- so watch this space ;)
Ahh, you tease. Care to share any hints of what you're planning @tomcavill? :) Sorta related: @jongold makes the best Snapchat stories.