A unique way to share photos and messages with friends

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i like how the private conversation can be created from a picture, over a public comment. I suppose this is just a DM, but it has context. Didn't watch too much of the video but if you can't it would be great to tag people in the pictures and all people get brought into a group conversation, or invite other users to converse.
@samcambridge thanks for the feedback! That's essentially the idea, Content-Driven Messaging. We wanted all peeks to bring context to conversations, to serve as an icebreaker if you haven't talked to that person in a while. You can read more about that on our blog if you'd like: And we appreciate the suggestion about group messaging, it's been mentioned to us before!
I'm curious to know what this really gives that I can't already get... I feel there are an abundance of 'Sharing with friends' type apps and am curious why do we need this one? (not in a bad way, I'm genuinely interested).
@bentossell Hi Ben, that’s a good question! Our goal with Peekshare was really to bridge photo sharing into a useful messaging app. We want peeks to serve as context that turns into conversation. You can get a similar experience on other apps, but not executed in the way we’ve designed it. Our users feel its more intuitive. What really sets us apart is our Local feed. We’re giving people the chance to share not just with friends but with their local area. Our local feed is similar to Snapchat’s Live except that it’s hyperlocal, which makes it more engaging than seeing pictures from people in other countries. We also give users the ability to filter and engage through Local trending tags. We envision this to be really cool for colleges and high schools. Let’s say there’s a big game or concert and it’s trending in the Local feed. Users could go through the feed, like peeks from the event, but more importantly use that peek to start a conversation with a friend. We believe this is better than tagging friends in the comments to show them content. Real-time relevant context.