A local photo and video-sharing app for Android

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Hi Everyone! PeekOut allows you to share videos and photos with people near you. Make it fun by posting things you see around you. If you see a post you like, pin it at some other location for other people to see. No more missing out on the best parties, events, and moments in your area. Let everyone know what's happening with PeekOut!
@analogwired why is that when i hunted your product it got flagged but now it's hunted by you again?
@rahulkapoor90 Because it was posted too early
@rahulkapoor90 @analogwired products are flagged by makers if they are not ready. This post will be featured soon.
@bentossell @analogwired FDLS is pulling some shady stuff, first he posted this and then changed it to "Because it was posted too early" :D
@rahulkapoor90 @bentossell I mentioned that to them, and they said they won't get it flagged just to be reposted again. I didn't really understand what was happening at first since it was my first time learning about product hunt, I apologize for any misunderstanding. Thank you for this by the way.
Congrats on launching!
@FDLS Interesting UX, I like you how swipe between the 4 screens. I also am a fan of the big font on the sign up, a little similar to yo. The sign up colours are weird though. Anyhow, why such a product now? How do you see this coexist with the big giants? What's the vision? I feel most social networks are saturating with messenger/instagram/snapchat converging towards the same feature list, so little curious to know your thought process.
@rahulr047 Good question. It's a bit different because you are actually not following / are friends with anyone, the current location is your only friend. It's more like yikyak but they aren't as visual. If I want to know when there is an interesting event happening in my area for example, having to go online and follow/befriend everything in my interest just to keep up with it can be a hassle if all I want is updates about things I can physically attend. With this app I just see it. Whether it's a new grand opening or a new Philz in town, I'll know about it. Thanks for the UI comment, I actually changed the signup colors a bit ;) gonna push the update soon