Peek Pop

3D Touch peek/pop on older iOS devices w/ Swift

Saw that functionality in the instagram app (In the search tab) and was wondering if it will be available in future OS updates. Look like a really nice framework, Great work!
Always been jealous of the peek/pop with my iPhone 6 😩 How practical is it? (looking at you iPhone 6S users)
@bentossell v useful for quick glances to see if what lies below is what you want to see. It's something many users don't notice or forget they even use because it's so fundamental. The function itself doesn't save much in terms of time, but the fatigue one feels when they've been tapping and swiping for a little too long, definitely goes away.
Super smart! Apple should steal this and add it to iOS 10
Wow, this is great!
Marketing gimmick, to sell new iPhones, will never be back ported. Hardly used, except maybe to peek messages without flagging read notification. But this option is nice to have.