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Thanks for hunting Eric! Hey Everyone, I built peek in to offer better support to anymailfinder.com users, and it made my life incredibly simpler. If you use live chat you can simply use the chrome extension to open with one click your user's screen and point to stuff to them. If you don't, you get a list of active users and you choose the one you want to see; click; and the screen pops up. Quite honestly I'm not sure whether the best use for this is live support, or "proactive support". I imagine it would be super useful to have a page with, say, 6-8 active users screens at once and if you see one of them having difficulty with something like completing an order, you jump in and help them. So I will release it in its current form and see how people use it before choosing which direction to take it. Privacy reassurances: passwords and stuff you decide (credit cards) are never visible, and no data is ever recorded. What do you guys think you'd use this for?
@joedeliame Great product! Both, Live and proactive support. However, I would stay away from things that sounds creepy to my website users! I don't want my proactive support to freak them out :) I guess live support may be helpful pre-sales while proactive support post sales/when a user is navigating in my dashboard and want some hand-holding in the beginning.
@joedeliame Any planned integrations for Tawk.To?
@bbzeven yep! Will be added shortly!
@joedeliame Zopim integration wanted.Zopim is very popular chat service from Zendesk
@hadifarnoud Will be added within a couple of days!
What a stellar idea and accomplishment! Product looks solid so far, I suggested some ideas for it and they were enthusiastically accepted. I'm really proud of ya Joe, especially for someone at a young age as you. Keep it up, I hope it gives you the breakthrough to further expand your portfolio ;)
awesome work guys, congrats on making it work! this will be huge as more and more companies understand the value of "real-time" marketing (trigger based approach)
@rickats Thank you for your comment Rick! I agree, after seeing so many users on other products really struggle with things that in my mind were obvious I would have definitely paid to be able to send them a quick message saying "hey, if you need help with XXX I'm here"
@rickats I like that term, 'Real-time' marketing :) A future trend.
Looks promising, having used Inspectlt in the past I can't express how useful and game changing these tools are to gather organic customer insights about their experience through your site. Joe, you think you could provide a bit of details about the range of technology used here?
@swaggaguru sure thing! There are two components, the app (what you see) and the API (what you put on your website). Both are built in node.js and use socket.io for all real time stuff. Once you open a screen, the api starts collecting the page's html, form values, scroll positions, etc. it then sends it to our endpoint. From there we use redis pub/sub to send all real time changes to the app, which sends them to your browser, which replicates the page in a sandboxed Iframe!
We've found value in using tools like Inspectlet to observe historic sessions, but there's a lag (sometimes hours) between a visitor landing on a site and the video being visible. Love the idea of Peek in, interested in seeing where the team take this.
@almackin thank you for your comment! do you think you'll find it more useful as a support tool or as a "proactive" support tool, or just to see what your users are up to? 👻
@joedeliame I was having a play around with it, I think the value would come from being pro-active with people who have signed up and are using our tool. We could guide them when they need support. I liked the feature to use the mouse pointer to show the user something. I know it's early days but this could be expanded upon with chat (or some way to converse with the user).
@almackin I tend to agree—I like it a lot better for that usage at least. It was easier to integrate with other live chat solutions than create a brand new one though, so I decided to start from there. But by seeing how it is used I think we'll end up building our own solution!