Look back at your week to see if you were productive

#4 Product of the DayJune 21, 2019
Look back at your week's productivity and compare it to other active makers.
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I made this as a quick experiment. Looking for ideas, feedback, and possibly collaborators

Simple design and easy to access Maker's Goal productivity data. Perhaps "compare with" search can be a drop down of users I can search / compare.


Love the dahsboard and learning about my productivity on PH


None so far

Thanks Zoe, I'll add that in the next version :)

I would like more visualizations, and a comparison to the previous week - for example, you were 30% more productive than last week!


Good way to assess my productivity


It can be improved by adding more visualizations

Seems like a very good tool.Will give my feedback very soon
@monicabele Looking forward to your feedback :)
Great Idea Raghav!
@frcbls Thank you Ferru!