Beautiful disappearing chat for iPhone

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I remember seeing out this a while ago.. Are you working on it now @soffes?
@maxpbeaumont Hey Max, it was formerly named Skim if that rings a bell, we have a team of 5.
@maxpbeaumont Nope. Some friends work on it though. Saw the list for anonymousish apps and thought I'd share.
I like the clean design of this app. Very pleasant. But I already have at least 3 apps on my phone that do the exact same thing: wickr, cyberdust, telegram. How does peek differentiate itself from those other clowns?
@zinssmeister Thanks, we pride ourselves in our design aesthetic. Peek (formerly named Skim) actually came out in October of last year, being one of the very first ephemeral messengers of its kind:
@jsngr @zinssmeister interesting! Where are you guys located?
@zinssmeister We are a remote team
You're selling something that wants to be useful as "beautiful", a totally useless filler word. "Hey, let's leave Snapchat and Cyberdust where hundreds of our friends are for this other app because it's beautiful." You may think this way, but hardly anyone else does. I only say this because I've made the same mistake.
@bitario The tag line used on the PH post is not our official one, and you also won't find any mention of that word on the site. This is an older product, coming out before Cyberdust and before Snapchat had text chat.
@jsngr Getting a server not found error. Is Peek still alive?