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Hi Hunters! I'm Grant, developer on the Pee World VR team. As you know, peeing is boring and bathrooms are boring. So my pal Pablo and I set out to solve this problem by making a virtual reality experience where you can pee anywhere while actually peeing in the safety of a real bathroom. It's a no-mess way to bring fun and beautiful scenery to one of the most mundane things you do every day. It'll work on your cardboard headset, or in your Gear VR (with Cardboard Enabler). Enjoy!
Does the girl version include falling over in alleys, shaking it off, and yelling, "Don't look at me!"
pee free!
Haha! Have you guys thought about using this for people with shy bladder syndrome? Probably less fun, but I can imagine it being very helpful.
@fishsander honestly no, but not a bad idea.
The fart app of the VR world. These dudes are onto something.