Pee & See is a simple water reminder app. It doesn't need to know when you drink water or how much you drink. Instead, just tap one button every time you go to the bathroom!

When you haven't peed for 3 hours you'll get a reminder to drink water (except at night).

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For the last 49 days I've been testing Pee & See and can say it's a huge help/reminder to drink more water. A great feature is the Apple Watch notifications which reminds you to drink more and allow you to log a pee up to an hour ago (if you forgot to log it). If you don't have an apple watch - you can enable the Today Widget to easily log! You shouldn't have to buy a special bottle to know if you're hydrated or not.. This is a free, simple app to keep you updated on your hydration level! Thanks John for keeping me healthy!
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Not convinced I need an app for this... When you drink a lot of water, you pee a lot. Also pretty easy to judge what is not good by colour? Hope this doesn't promote the one-handed peeing while on your phone that I've been seeing haha!
@bentossell Haha yeah it's not for everyone, and I don't encourage use WHILE peeing. I just made it as a fun tool to use myself as a way to remember to drink water because I was getting headaches sometimes and realizing it was because I was forgetting to drink enough water during the day, but this seemed easier than tracking how much water I was drinking. Enough other people seemed to like it that I decided to release it.
@gohnjanotis yeh I am definitely aware of a lot of people who need reminders to drink water, think i've just managed to get in the habit since reading 4 hour body. hahaha Im more worried at how many phone casualties this may cause from while peeing
@bentossell I'm also worried about people peeing on the phone!
@bentossell Haha, I agree! Honestly, there seems to be an app for everything now, what's next, tomorrow an app to helps you identify the quality of your manure? I'm waiting for it to be featured Ben ;)
Sorry to do this, but at first glance i thought of the amazing Smart Pipe infomercial by Adult Swim:
@amstb1 Great parody ad! Although mass spectrometry technology has been improving. It might be fun to try to make an easy-to-clean, Bluetooth LE funnel that someone could pee through to measure all kinds of things non-invasively by testing urine, like if someone is in ketosis or even volume. ๐Ÿ˜Š
@amstb1 Over the weekend I shot this quick parody informercial for the app, partially inspired by parodies like the Smart Pipe:
Quantified Pee.
Oh this is nice! Personally, I really need to drink more water at work / throughout day. Excited to test this and try to remember to stay more hydrated and healthier. Especially heading into summertime, nothing is more important.