Workout anywhere with pay-as-you-go access to 400+ gyms

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Margaret McGraw
Margaret McGraw@love2golf · Founder, Webgenco
It would be great if like Class Pass you could see what gyms in your city were available before signing up.
James Steinberg
James Steinberg@jamespsteinberg · Co-founder,
@love2golf Did you download the app, because that is exactly what it is
Margaret McGraw
Margaret McGraw@love2golf · Founder, Webgenco
@jamespsteinberg I only looked at it on the web version - because I usually do that (if available) otherwise I would have too many apps thanks to Product Hunt : ) But if you have that feature I'll download it. Thanks!
$10 for drop-in rate seems pretty expensive.
Mike Coutermarsh
Mike Coutermarsh@mscccc · Code @ GitHub
@flowsion I live in SF, so view is most definitely skewed. $10 for drop in is a really good rate (at least here). Usually see around $20-25.
Mike Coutermarsh
Mike Coutermarsh@mscccc · Code @ GitHub
Smart - seems like great option for people who travel often
Melissa Monte
Melissa Monte@melissamonteee · Director of Media & Startup Growth
I've belonged to a yoga studio and classpass to mix it up but just canceled classpass because having both is too costly so I thought this looked like an interesting alternative. Classes in the Santa Monica area are around $5 but there are limited options. A few suggestions: Images - I would do something with the imagery. The photos are all skewed or low-res or just not an appealing photo to have. Imagery in an app is usually a big part of the appeal, which is why Airbnb pays photographers to go to their listings. Schedule - There is no class schedule. Just hours, location and a call button. There isn't even a website like. This means I have to do a separate search.
Sarah Perry
Sarah Perry@sarah_perry2
I really love this idea, well done ... Looks awesome @happy wheels
Azat Omirgali
Azat Omirgali@a_omirgali · co-founder, Fitadel
When the gyms of Central Asia will be available? P.s. Really useful stuff. Looking forward to use it!