Create for web, mobile and voice instantly 😎

Peck lets you be the expert on your favorite thing. You can assemble and access important information with our simple web app in seconds β€” from family schedules to curated news to useful stuff that is buried in the Web. With zero coding you can now author for Web, Mobile, and Voice in an instant.

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Narendra Rocherolle
Partner, The Start Project
I’m Narendra from Peck. Dying to get Alexa to give answers to your questions? Just assemble pieces of content like text, images, events, feeds, etc. to instantly create skills that give you or your audience the most important bits of information. Visit to try it out. Give these a try: β€” see how fast you can build a voice response to a question! β€” find something that you obsess on and create an instantly shareable peckable for it (maybe someone from sports or entertainment or some news category) β€” design yourself! yes, you are peckable! say hello to your new home page, er home skill! β€” got a schedule that you want easy access to by mobile or voice? do it! Bonus points if you figure out: β€” how to geo-fence content β€” make someone else a co-author of a peckable β€” schedule content for certain date windows And, we have so much more coming. Future is so bright, well, 😎

My kids love talking to Alexa, but there is only so much she knows that they are actually interested in. The other day we used Peck to program their school lunch menu in. Now every morning they ask the green bird what’s for lunch before deciding if we should pack or buy. Looking fore to experimenting with some more ideas like this.


Fun way to get Alexa to answer some family-specific questions


Keeping content up to date can be tedious if you have to manually enter it.

Derek E. BairdKids, Teen & Family Tech Enthusiast
Peck is going to be a really great tool for classrooms. I can see teachers using it to keep parents in the loop or creating pecks for students.
Derek E. BairdKids, Teen & Family Tech Enthusiast
Recording artist Chris Mann is using Peck to keep fans updated on upcoming concerts! If you have a Google Home, just say: "Hey Google ask the Green Bird 'Where is the next Chris Mann concert?'