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Daniel Tyreus
@tyreus · CTO, Peck, Inc.
While I'm here, inspired by the Uber integration, I was thinking we'd accept requests for a few hours. If you know of a public API you'd like to see as a custom Peckable, reply to this and we'll try to make it happen!
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Narendra Rocherolle
@narendra · CEO, Peck, Inc.
We are over the moon to finally have Peck out in the wild and on Product Hunt. Our proposition is pretty simple: we want you to use your phone less and get more out of it. Our solution is quick access to tiny bits of information with taps called pecks. Peck a little for the most important piece of contextual information, peck a lot for more. Our dream … See more
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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I downloaded Peck last week after @om tweeted about it. To be honest, the UX was confusing to me. I signed up without really understanding what it does. I'm still a bit confused but apps that baffle me are sometimes the most interesting to explore. 😊
Andrew Courter
@covrter · Highly
I love the idea of getting one aggregated, on-demand, disposable feed that suits me in the moment. Pulling a news feed out of the air rather than having 10 apps push at me. Stoked for the launch — congrats @narendra, Daniel & Jimmy!
Abdur Chowdhury
@abdur · CEO, pushd Inc.
Exciting to see it finally out in the wild.