Realtime bus information on Pebble

So this is something I made purely out of personal need. I went to the post office wearing my new-shiny Pebble, and wanted to quickly see when the next bus was arriving. The thought of taking my phone out, unlocking it, finding the app, waiting for it to open, and then get what info I wanted was daunting. I felt like it could be simplified. 3 days later, there's a solution. PebBus gives realtime OneBusAway data right on your wrist. Look at the nearest bus stops, and upcoming buses for each stop. If you have a Pebble and live in {Atlanta, NY, Puget Sound, Tampa}, please try the app and leave some feedback. (It's my first Pebble app). :)
@karangoel When will you do Paris ? :)
@alexisohayon As soon as OBA adds support for Paris (Or I can find another API).
Take a look at NextBus for access to realtime data from many public transit authorities.