Pebble Time Round is the stylish watch that will show you not only the clock but it will be a significant part of your life. It is a smartwatch with built-in voice dictation, activity and sleep tracking, notification display, health measurement, music control, incredible design and lightweight. Basically, all you need put together on your wrist.

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This should genuinely scare Apple. The form factor is brilliant, and by far the best in the market. Given this does everything (that's actually useful) that an Apple Watch can do, looks amazing, and is so much cheaper. It's a no brainer. Well done Pebble! I was skeptical, but now i'm a customer.
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@dylankbuckley "It's a no brainer." Okay.
@dylankbuckley Apple Watch target customer is not the same as the Pebble target customer.
@eric3000 Correct. However from a product perspective, they are identical in terms of what they are trying to achieve
@dylankbuckley and what is that? What are both products trying to achieve?
@dylankbuckley I'm not as confident that's true. Pretty sure Apple's vision is that the watch is how you interface digitally with the physical world. It's like the Disney Magicband for the real world. Pebble's vision seems more like a great digital timepiece that organizes your day.
If only that bezel wasn't that huge
@esbvn Yeah, the black Pebble time looks awesome. But that bezel.
@esbvn People always complain about the size of the bezel on Pebble smartwatches. I did too with my Pebble Steel, and then the Pebble Time Steel. Usually these complaints all come before we've actually seen one in person. In my experience, every time I actually get my hands on one, these fears about this huge bezel being an issue prove to be unfounded. The pictures always exaggerate the issue, but in reality the whole device is pretty small, so its much less noticeable than in any photo which is magnifying it. The moment you put one on, you don't really notice anymore since your focus is now on the screen, not the bezel. I LOVE my Pebble, and I can't wait to get a Pebble Time Round. Yes, it would be nice if the bezel was smaller, but when you are using it really doesn't matter as much as you think that it isn't.
I held off on the purchasing a Pebble Time when it was released because of the size of the bezels, now this beast of a watch has even larger bezels! Does anyone know if they serve a technical purpose, like hiding the circuitboard, etc?
@brandonb927 someone else said that it's actually a square screen beneath the bezel.
@_jacksmith @brandonb927 I've heard that in many countries round and non-square screens are patented. May be why they have to use a square screen with a large bezel. Could be wrong, here's a patent for it in the USA (I know NEC in Japan owns one too, a friend was mad why no round wearables were being released in Japan and found out why…)
@_jacksmith Ah, I saw someone mention that on Twitter. Thanks!
round face is interesting. how does it display information that is typically square (like a calendar)?
Happy Pebble Steel and Pebble Time Steel user but this is a lovely addition. Takes it to the Withings Activité more than the Apple Watch I'd say.