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The last time they launched a Kickstarter I made this little website to graph how much money they've raised in real-time. I just updated it to this new Kickstarter: http://pebbletimetracker.herokua... Just the last few minutes:
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@jkupferman Awesome representation :) It has raised more than half a million within half an hour
@jkupferman - Nice! I love to watch the Kickstarter pages of super active campaigns like this! It is incredible. I watched the card game Exploding Kittens when they were live, but this is a whole new level! Also, wanted to hunt your site but discovered it was already on PH https://www.producthunt.com/tech... !
This just hit Kickstarter and it's already at $300k+ in funding. I bet it hits is $1m goal before 8am PT. The watch is more fitness-focused but I'm more curious about the Core a internet-connected, "hackable computer on your keychain". Some use cases: track your pet, open your garage, call an Uber, record voice notes. Any plans to integrate Alexa or Google Assistant to make the Core essentially an assistant you can talk to, @ericmigi?
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@rrhoover @ericmigi......just hit 1M.....Wow.
@rrhoover @ericmigi Voice Assistant in your pocket. *drool*
Love the idea of Pebble Core! Someone should hook it into IFTTT...
@d0b0 yes! Great idea. Or Zapier (cc @wadefoster)
@rrhoover ... Dear makers, Zapier everything please!
@d0b0 It would we interesting if Pebble Core hooks onto several devices to create a seamless transition between the same apps on different devices.
@rrhoover Side note, @rrhoover, clicking on @names is resolving broken pages. How do I find this Wade Foster??? =)
Ugh, here I go again backing my third pebble watch on Kickstarter.