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John Bower ✍
Head of Growth, YourWelcome
I'm the UX Lead at Pearlshare. Very pleased to announce a recent update introducing a host of new features - but this is just the beginning. Download from the App Store: Pearlshare messaging lets you instantly share and discuss Pearls (amazing places) with your friends; individually or in groups. Our 'nearby' button shows you the pearls within walking distance - combine this with our re-worked map, and you have a serious tool to discover places nearby that your friends recommend! Planning a trip further afield? We've made significant improvements to the way our search works - give it a try and let me know how you get on. We're keen to foster communities all over the world - so please, invite your friends and let us know which Pearls we should be checking out near you!
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Gourav DasBuilding a Women-Only Community app
These apps are great. But I find it equally difficult to get my friends onto it. Simply because they don't have their friends here :( Not your app specific problem, but a problem nonetheless
@das_vicky IMO they should also be a great way to save all those things you want to remember for yourself - for example, for an upcoming trip. So, utility for you even without friends. Of course, the more friends the merrier!