Pearl RearVision

The most advanced backup camera by ex-Apple team

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@michael_pruskowski they are ex-apple after all 😉
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@michael_pruskowski I would happily pay that for what they are offering (I wish there was an emoji for "make it rain" 😢)
@michael_pruskowski 100$ - 150$ could me more meaningful but 500$! I'm looking forward to see cheaper & better solutions..
@michael_pruskowski Just want to reach out here and thank you for your interest in Pearl! Pearl RearVision is the only truly wireless backup camera and alert system that you can install yourself (it literally takes just minutes to get it up and running). No drilling holes into your car or paying someone to install. It has night vision and sees up to 180 degrees behind you, allowing you to actually peek around corners. We've compared RearVision to other backup camera solutions (as you can see here on our website at and we think you’ll find that RearVision is worth the price, but if you try it and don’t agree, we offer a 30-day hassle-free money back guarantee. Feel free to reach out with any questions - we're here and happy to help.
We're really excited to launch Pearl today. We believe that all drivers should have access to new car technologies without having to buy a new car. Here's a few more details on Rearvision: More Details • Wireless backup camera installs in minutes and pairs with your phone • Audible and visual alerts warn you of obstacles in your path • Automatic software updates deliver ongoing enhancements • Tap-to-pan offers easy control over super-wide views • Night mode provides stunning clarity in low-light conditions • Three-year warranty protects your investment Pearl offers free shipping on preorders and has a 30-day money-back guarantee with free shipping on returns. Let me know if you have any questions.
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@toddburch This is so obvious, but in a great great way. Nice job! "We believe that all drivers should have access to new car technologies without having to buy a new car. " My sentiments exactly. May I make a request? I'm an avid car hunter/shopper/owner (12 cars in 10 years), so I know how safety features like this can be a sorely missed item in some cars. Luckily, most new cars are now coming standard with backup cameras, but the 2nd most useful safety feature (for me at least) is still annoyingly inconsistent, blind spot monitoring. OEM's like Mazda make blind spot monitoring standard on even their cheapest cars, and then there's OEM's like Toyota, where you have to pay 5-10k more above the standard trim to even reach the package that has it. In my own daydreams, I've always thought it would be relatively easy to attach some sort of battery powered (maybe even solar?) unit that fits on side mirrors that does the exact same thing. Generally the notification pops right on the mirror itself, but with your platform, you could also have the alert onscreen. All-in-one turnkey car safety add-on platform? Yes please!
@wuss That's a great idea. We're firm believers in that statement and we're excited about our first product. Much more to come from us in the future.
Given the ease of installation, what's to stop someone from stealing my $500 license plate frame?
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No response from Pearl. #AskingTheRightQuestions
@jadojodo, apologies that your question was missed. I work at Pearl Auto and wanted to step in to offer an answer to your question, if I may? We thoughtfully designed RearVision with both ease of installation and theft deterrence in mind: - The Camera Frame is electronically paired with its companion Car Adapter at the factory, so they will not work independently of each other - When you set up the Pearl App for the first time, your phone is uniquely paired with your RearVision. You can easily share your RearVision credentials with other drivers (such as your family or friends), but to anyone without these credentials, your RearVision will be completely non-functional and useless - We've designed and included a special Locking Tool that secures your RearVision via a built-in security screw. Your RearVision can only be removed from your car with the Locking Tool, so be sure to keep it somewhere safe - Lastly, we are so confident in the security features we built into RearVision, we don’t think theft will be an issue. Should your Camera Frame be stolen, please contact us to make arrangements for a replacement, at no charge to you Please feel free to reach out with further questions--we're happy to assist as best we can.
A bit about our vision for the future:
Just pre-ordered one! Very excited to receive it in a few months and see what else they'll release in the future. The fact that it comes with a 3-year warranty means they must be very confident on the product build quality and I have no doubt given the ex-Apple team that they'll meet this high bar. The built-in solar panel in the lower portion of the license plate frame is also a brilliant power solution.
@owens Thanks! Means the world to us!