Transform your photos into narrated storytelling videos

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These types of tools are getting pretty neat. Turn your camera roll photos into really cool videos and use them in your marketing including with social media.
Hi everyone! I'm one of the founders. We hope you'll download our new Pearl app and try it out! :) The concept of Pearl was to make it easy to unlock the power of storytelling by helping you transform photos that you already have stored on your iPhone into narrated videos that can be created and shared in just a few minutes. Our team has been very focused on design, authenticity, and native video sharing. • Pearl has been designed for simplicity and speed, letting you create and share a video on social media in just a few minutes • The primary focus is on authentic storytelling, brought to life by narration in your own voice • Pearl gives you full control over saving and sharing your HD video natively for higher engagement on social media
I love Pearl! The narration feature is what sets it apart from other apps that are trying to do similar things.
Similar to what Quick by GoPro does - I really want to test these apps out for my trip I'll download this too so stay tuned for a Bali mashup next week!
I had this exact same idea last night thinking that could be a killer app. Unfortunately I don't have an iPhone.