Peanut Butter

Facilitates benefit that reduces employee student loan debt.

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David Aronson
David AronsonMaker@davidaronson · Founder & CEO, Peanut Butter
Hi, I’m Dave, CEO of Peanut Butter. We built Peanut Butter to give employers an opportunity to share in one of the biggest accomplishments many people have during the early part of their career – paying off their student loans. Our software + service makes it easy and secure for employers to offer student loan repayment as a benefit. When companies support employees in getting out of debt, we believe more employees will stick around, and tell their friends they work someplace cool. You may be interested to check out our Millennial Benefit Preferences study that asked college students and working professionals which employee benefits would motivate them. We worked with a student group from DePaul University to conduct the study, and recently presented the study at Purdue. Excited to be on Product Hunt and looking forward to talking with you.
Melissa Monte
Melissa Monte@melissamonteee · Director of Media & Startup Growth
@davidaronson Hi David! Love what you're doing with this. Question for you: How did you initiate your research study with DePaul University?
David Aronson
David AronsonMaker@davidaronson · Founder & CEO, Peanut Butter
@melissamonteee Thanks, Melissa! I was introduced to a Masters student through 1871 Chicago, then she pulled in a group. We found that student loan repayment resonates quite a bit with students and they were pretty excited to work on it.
Drew DePriest
Drew DePriestHunter@drewdepriest · Smart Buildings | IoT |
From PB's "About Us" page - "Peanut Butter℠ helps companies provide a unique student loan benefit to attract and retain Millennial employees. By facilitating modest contributions to employee student loans we help employers reduce turnover and hiring costs, differentiate their employee value proposition, and aid in the solution to America’s $1.2T student debt problem." Follow them on Twitter: @peanutbutterget
Very interesting!!
BeccaFeigMaker@beccafeig · VP Client Solutions, Peanut Butter
@cruzheres Thanks! It's the stickiest employee benefit
Joseph Toe
Joseph Toe@jctoe03 · Co-Founder, Reload
Really interesting concept! Is this integrated with any payroll systems?
David Aronson
David AronsonMaker@davidaronson · Founder & CEO, Peanut Butter
@jctoe03 it uses a 1x/mo. census file. There is limited data involved, and census files are commonly used for similar HR data by mid-market and large enterprise HR depts.
Bryan Postelnek
Bryan Postelnek@bryanpostelnek · Product Manager, Angie's List
It's not clear to me how this works -- is it just a system that helps with payments by automating them from the paycheck or is there actually a part of this that encourages the employer to put money toward their employee's student loan?
David Aronson
David AronsonMaker@davidaronson · Founder & CEO, Peanut Butter
@bryanpostelnek thanks for askin'! We only handle employer-sponsored contributions toward student loans. Company decides to help employee get out of debt, then we verify the employee's loan, facilitate payments, and provide reporting.