Peanut Allergy

Offline translator for people allergic to peanuts

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Peanut Allergy is a deadly simple app to inform food-makers of your peanut allergy while traveling abroad. Type a country, and get the translation of "I am allergic to Peanuts". Done. Main fact: works OFFLINE. I am allergic to peanuts, and I had been looking for such a tool for quite a while so I built it myself. I am very open to suggestions !!!

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Sebastian Orozco
Sebastian Orozco@sebastian_sco · 19 // VC @ ACE Venture Capital
Could you add other food allergies to the app (Ex: Shellfish)?
guillim maxi
guillim maxiMaker@maxiguillim · CTO
@sebastiangodel I'll think about it! Thanks for your feedback!!!
Mike Freeman
Mike Freeman@mike_freeman · Marketing dude
@sebastiangodel Yes please! My wife is allergic to peaches and we've had to use screenshots of translated sentences.
James Perrone
James Perrone@james__perrone · Communication and multi media design.
Being Peanut only is not that useful at all. Try adding other common allergies. The idea is however quite good.
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams@ryanstu89 · Food & Beverage Ops, Finance & Writing
@james__perrone probably pretty useful to peanut allergy sufferers...
guillim maxi
guillim maxiMaker@maxiguillim · CTO
@james__perrone Thanks for your feedback. As you can imagine, I am myself allergic to peanuts, so... for me, it is quite useful :). I hope other peanut-allergic people will find it useful as well. (+1 @ryanstu89 :) ) But I understand your point: it is a very limited amount of users. Adding other allergies is something I have been thinking about actually. First, let's see if people like this app!
Mathew Huusko V
Mathew Huusko V@mhuusko5 · Consumer of music. Creator of software.
So it's google translate but only for one phrase?
guillim maxi
guillim maxiMaker@maxiguillim · CTO
@mhuusko5 it is, exactly! This app has no other pretention but offering this one sentence translation offline. When is it useful: imagine you are allergic to peanut, and you travel abroad, let's say China. You are about to eat some street-food and you want to ask if the food contains peanut but... no wifi = no google translate. That's when you may use this app. In addition, the photo makes the message more explicit.