Peanut Allergy

Offline translator for people allergic to peanuts

Peanut Allergy is a deadly simple app to inform food-makers of your peanut allergy while traveling abroad. Type a country, and get the translation of "I am allergic to Peanuts". Done. Main fact: works OFFLINE. I am allergic to peanuts, and I had been looking for such a tool for quite a while so I built it myself. I am very open to suggestions !!!

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Could you add other food allergies to the app (Ex: Shellfish)?
@sebastiangodel I'll think about it! Thanks for your feedback!!!
@sebastiangodel Yes please! My wife is allergic to peaches and we've had to use screenshots of translated sentences.
Being Peanut only is not that useful at all. Try adding other common allergies. The idea is however quite good.
@james__perrone probably pretty useful to peanut allergy sufferers...
@james__perrone Thanks for your feedback. As you can imagine, I am myself allergic to peanuts, so... for me, it is quite useful :). I hope other peanut-allergic people will find it useful as well. (+1 @ryanstu89 :) ) But I understand your point: it is a very limited amount of users. Adding other allergies is something I have been thinking about actually. First, let's see if people like this app!
So it's google translate but only for one phrase?
@mhuusko5 it is, exactly! This app has no other pretention but offering this one sentence translation offline. When is it useful: imagine you are allergic to peanut, and you travel abroad, let's say China. You are about to eat some street-food and you want to ask if the food contains peanut but... no wifi = no google translate. That's when you may use this app. In addition, the photo makes the message more explicit.