Instantly send popular soundbytes via FB messenger

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We like Rick and Morty…alot. We liked it so much that we made an app where we could message embedded sound bytes in chat to one another from the show. As we opened it up to our friends, people began cutting sound bytes from Mr. Robot, Drake, Silicon Valley, and a ton of other popular stuff with the tool we made. It’s been alot of fun communicating with sound bytes over the past few weeks. We’ve found that sounds convey feelings that text and gifs sometimes don't capture the full gist of. Try it out for the laughs and feel free to add your own. These are some popular ones, all which can me messaged with the Peal app Rick And Morty: Drake: Silicon Valley: Mr. Robot:
@zjav3d Peal has an impressive library of sounds! Nice work. Perhaps Whammy and Peal can collaborate at some point...
@tsunaze We're definitely open to hacking on it for more platforms. We contacted the team at Slack recently and they seemed pretty interested, especially since our sound library is pretty enormous. If there are any others in mind you'd like to specifically see it work for, just let me know!
Great product, do you intend to push your app onto other message-based platform ?
@tsunaze Whammy is a sound messaging app that was hunted today. Pick a sound, pick a friend, send and the sound will instantly play out of your friend's phone. It's like a fart machine that your friends carry around with them all the time 😋 Check it out: