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Hi ProductHunt community! First of all, huge thanks to @kwdinc for hunting us! PeakVisor is an augmented reality app which answers the most common question in the mountains. What that mountain is?! Probably, it will be able to answer other questions soon ;-) Here’s how it works: 1. You point the phone camera at mountains 2. PeakVisor labels all the peaks 3. PeakVisor renders semi-transparent terrain model, so you could adjust & calibrate phone sensors That's it! Here are some details about our PeakVisor journey (a quick read): https://medium.com/@denivipmedia... We’d love to hear your comments and feedback! Thank you!
@denivipmedia in what counties does this work?
@narek_vardanyan It works in all the countries. At least if there are mountains.
@narek_vardanyan here is a map of all the peaks on the Earth (which we know) :-)
@denivipmedia thanks, I will use it :)
Looks nice! It would be great to show some other information as well. Obviously, mountain huts :) Maybe major attractions. Have you thought about that? Any plans?
@flighthack We plan to add mountain huts in the next release (a couple of weeks from now). Didn't think about attractions, but I agree that it might be interesting to see some special things. For example, here in Europe we often have castles in the mountains and it might be useful to see them as well.
Guess Apple'll release it later this year. 🔝
@ivandothetrick Hopefully, they would release API or at least would talk to us :-))) But, there are some risks definitely...
Cool, Thanks Denis for such interesting product!
Looking forward to test this in on android ;-) ! Congrats for being (almost) featured in Forbes and the New York Times ;-)
Also, there's a small typo on the image of your homepage, it's not the "Dent Blance" but the "Dent Blanche".
@pbriod ooops... I think this should have been hidden from the website :-) Praying they fix it soon :-)
@pbriod So true. Luckily, in the app database it is spelled correctly. Only Photoshop wasn't aware in this case :-)
@pbriod Please send me an email on denis@routes.tips is you'd like to be one of the first to get the Android version. It should be ready in several weeks.
@denivipmedia I actually really like the quotes, it's a bold move, but I like it ;-)