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Denis Bulichenko
@denivipmedia · CEO, Routes Software SRL
Hi ProductHunt community! First of all, huge thanks to @kwdinc for hunting us! PeakVisor is an augmented reality app which answers the most common question in the mountains. What that mountain is?! Probably, it will be able to answer other questions soon ;-) Here’s how it works: 1. You point the phone camera at mountains 2. PeakVisor labels all the peaks 3… See more
Vladislav Protasov
@flighthack · Co-founder @ Flystein.com
Looks nice! It would be great to show some other information as well. Obviously, mountain huts :) Maybe major attractions. Have you thought about that? Any plans?
@ivandothetrick · Head of Product Design & Entrepreneur
Guess Apple'll release it later this year. 🔝
Oleksandr Komarevych
@alexbing2 · Startupper
Cool, Thanks Denis for such interesting product!
Pascal Briod
@pbriod · Head of Product & Co-Founder, Monito
Looking forward to test this in on android ;-) ! Congrats for being (almost) featured in Forbes and the New York Times ;-)