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Hey Product Hunt! I've been working on this app recently with a small team to help people improve their exercise form. There's over 80 exercises aimed primarily for circuit style/HIIT based workouts, with HD videos showing how to perform the exercises and maintain form. All of the advice comes from Ian Williamson, who's represented Scotland in middle-distance running and is also a top-notch personal trainer. We're planing to add more exercises in the future, as well as expand our existing content by including primary and secondary movers for exercises. We'll also include a body map in an update shortly so you can find the best exercises to work specific body areas. An Android version is also on the cards if the iOS version proves popular. Looking forward to hearing what you think! P.S. We're making the app completely free this weekend to celebrate our launch and so you can try it out fully. The price is still propagating across the App Store so you may need to hold on for a few hours before you can unlock it :)
Hi, one of the co-founders here. Happy to answer any questions you have about the app :)
Hello there My names Ian williamson and I'm the guy who features in the app and writes the workout programmes. I'm a Personal training based in Cambridge uk and a Scottish Internatinal Track Athlete. These type of exercises that have been created are typical of how an athlete would train in the gym. These exercises are suitable for everyone and further to this they are functional, helping to develop over all body conditioning and fitness. At Peak we pride ourselves on aiming to be the best fitness app on the market.