Peakago laptop

7” laptop with 4G connectivity that fits in your back pocket

Peakago is a device the like of which you’ve not seen before. It gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to mobile devices and laptops, hitting the sweet spot between portability and functionality.
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So a netbook then. These were everywhere right before iPads came out. They were dirt cheap too - half the price of the one listed here. Struggling to see what this is bringing to the table, even more so given the very low specs being offered.
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There's only one person who's happy about the size of that keyboard...
So ugly, but so useful...
@nora_joy Wouldn't call it ugly, but wouldn't call it sophisticated or pretty either :D I love the idea of it though
The Dell Venue 8 Pro exists and coupled with a bluetooth keyboard is way slimmer and comfier to type on than this.
So this is like an iPad Mini but with keyboard and running windows?