Take your brain to the gym with cognitive games

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Sagi, co-founder of Peak (Brainbow games) just posted on VC Cafe about the next billion dollar market in gaming:
Would probably be best if you re-posted this once it's accessible versus a waiting list sign-up for a product that's effectively attempting to re-invent an entrenched competitor in Lumosity.
I was excited to see this but disappointed that it's so similar to Lumosity. (Too similar, IMO.) Obviously I haven't tried the app but based on screenshots & descriptions I counted at least 4 games that are identical to Lumosity. Also noticed that the site makes claims about scientific research, but the research page makes it sound like the research program hasn't even started.
I don't see any evidence that any of these brain training games actually work. This product looks like it also takes advantage of people's scientific and logical incompetency. Not sure PH should be pushing products like these. Seems similar to homeopathy. thoughts @rrhoover?