Dating done the right way

Peachy is a dating app that focuses on meeting people through activities. Swiping through endless profiles is so superficial. Peachy gets you off your couch, in the real world and on dates. Simply post what you want to do on the app, and people who want to do it with you will like the post. You can then choose to message anyone who's liked the post

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It looks like a great idea, Tinder has broken dating. I think the idea to charge out of the gate isn't the right strategy though because you have to build a network before the network has value and this kind of dating app especailly is a network.
Thanks @darren_wendroff ! We chose this business model because we aren't in the market to gain as many users as fast as possible. We want Peachy to be a place where genuine people actually want to be. By making the entry barrier slightly higher, this makes people think whether they /really/ want to be a part of Peachy's community. This also makes for a higher number of active users. We also offer a 2 week free trial that you can cancel at any time without being charged.
@chih98 Good for you guys, dating is broken, and I like your approach. I just hope there's enough of a network, but looking to use you when you launch Orlando, FLorida on android. If I'm still single :)
@darren_wendroff we hope you meet your match on Peachy! We're still growing, but make sure to sign up for the newsletter at to be notified when the android launches (sometime in 2019). Also, spreading the word in your area helps us more than you think! Tell all your friends about 🍑 Peachy! It really will help Peachy get to Orlando sooner. On a personal note, I've been to Orlando many times, it's such a beautiful place! Send some warmth to us in SF! 🥶

excited to see where this goes!!


great twist on the old dating app idea. much more personable



Great idea! 100% in support
@aazar_ali_shad Thanks for your support! Make sure to tell all your friends about Peachy and have them upvote us! 🙌
Met @jakeols recently and after hearing the history and motivation behind the product, I have to say that I'm really eager to see how this app will continue to build up! As mentioned here in the comments a bit, online dating is still broken in some ways, and I think Peachy is taking the right steps in potentially solving some of the major paint points that other apps have. Excited for the Peachy team and will be looking forward to seeing how this app will grow!
Thanks @nikvimal! Make sure to spread the word about the app and our PH page! You can to direct people here.