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dom hofmannMaker@dhof · Founder, Vine
Just want to clarify that this client is *unofficial*. I'm building it in my spare time as an outside developer. 👮 Still early and very alpha, but already useful. The biggest missing features are account creation, activity, adding friends, magic words, and a design of any sort. :) A few nice things:
  • • automatically refreshes so it's nice to leave open
  • • use L/R arrow keys to navigate between friends
  • • drag and drop an image or GIF to upload it. Post a link to one to do the same.
Otherwise, it's improving every day (usually a few times throughout the day, and it'll even tell you when it does!), so check back whenever. Source on Github:
Ken Wallace@boaticus · Founder of
@dhof This is excellent! Good work!
Tarikh Korula@tarikh · Co-founder @KatchHQ
@dhof bravo, talk about developer friendly! man, we'd love to hack on this!
Diego Jimenez@diegojimenez · Principal Product Designer @LonelyPlanet
@dhof Nice work man, keep it up!
dom hofmannMaker@dhof · Founder, Vine
@tarikh Do it!
Nicole Chapaval@maldeadora · Community Champion at Platzi
I downloaded it a few weeks ago, my friends did, too but we only tried it that day. I believe we didn't find the actual value. Did we missed something?
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Awesome, @dhof. Some have described Peach as a mobile-first tumblr. How important is web for you in the next year?
dom hofmannMaker@dhof · Founder, Vine
@rrhoover I wanted to make sure I was building something on our API using the same rules and conventions third party developers would use. That's the only way we can do right by them. A lot of people (myself included) still use a computer every day, so web seemed like a fun place to start. I plan to keep improving it bit by bit, day by day. :) That said, we have a pretty solid roadmap and Android is on the way, so web isn't a focus for us right now. Of course, if it's something people are interested in we will absolutely take another look.
Rui Delgado@rui · Tech Entrepreneur • Consultant • TV Nerd
@rrhoover @dhof I agree with Dom. A lot of us still use the computer, especially if you work on tech/web/marketing. I think the web client is just about right.
NaweG@naweg · Consultant, Ewan Grantham & Associates
@dhof My .02 worth, but while Android is important (just see how many of my posts ask that question!) I think Web is as important. At least until ChromeOS has better Android options, for those poor BB users (some at one of my clients), and there is a true mobile Ubuntu, and... IOW - to catch all the folks who are not yet fully on mobile, or for various reasons can't use mobile at some point. I understand you can't be everything to everyone. But that usually is the argument for doing a Web version - go web to go wide, and then go deep with mobile.
Jack Dweck@jackdweck · Product Manager at Unroll.Me
This is great, @dhof! Just added to my Peach Apps collection. You mention that one of your goals with Peach is to be "great for developers." There have already been a few third party Peach clients built for Android, Mac and the web. What other types of apps would you encourage developers to build on top of Peach?
dom hofmannMaker@dhof · Founder, Vine
@jackdweck I'd personally love to see something autonomous. Even something as simple as my daily horoscope or the top news of the day.
Nithin Sonti@nithin_sonti
@jackdweck @dhof there is now a Slack client for Peach!
Chris Underdown@chrisunderdown · Creative Director, Code & Wander
Nice, I might give this some more styling tonight! Good job @dhof
dom hofmannMaker@dhof · Founder, Vine
@chrisunderdown Please do!