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JACKSON this is great πŸ’•
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@dhof Thanks!! Still rough in a few places but wanted to push it out early so everyone benefits πŸ˜„
A pre-alpha desktop client for Peach (http://peach.cool/) I'm building using unannounced API endpoints intercepted from the official iOS app. (I've shared these too, so you can built your own @ https://gist.github.com/ummjacks...) Currently operates in "read-only" mode, but helpful for checking your stream on desktop. You can view comments, like posts, and manage your friend requests easily. OS X build available, Windows and Linux coming soon (you can build these yourself already if you download the repo). Enjoy πŸ˜„πŸ‘
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@ummjackson thank you for sharing, especially the tool you used to analyze the API, I had no idea such a tool existed!
@kevinayuque @ummjackson mitmproxy is great - you can spend hours intercepting and inspecting all the apps you use on your phone, very interesting.
...and we're cross-platform 😁http://ummjackson.github.io/peac...
@ummjackson is the reason Nectarine became a thing, mad props.
@_developit It's been awesome collaborating. πŸ‘ for the win!
Wow, so quick. Well done, @ummjackson. I'm curious if Peach will support 3rd party development like this long term. @dhof?
Awesome job Jackson! Working very well for me. I hope the Peach team welcomes developers with open arms. πŸ‘= @Torba