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Create your own illustrations using mix-and-match components

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This is great but duplicate of It's unfair to other makers to repost this.
by Ryan Hoover (Founder, Product Hunt)

DrawKit's first component kit builds on the free illustrations with 100 hand-drawn SVG components that allow you to build your own unique illustrations, scenes, and layouts for your website or project.

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Hey Product Hunt! This is my second launch with DrawKit, after the first here: We've hit over 4000 free illustrations downloaded, and something that's stood out during the weeks since first launch is people wanting to be able to customise their illustrations and get something more unique or specific to their brand or website/product/app, without going through the process of hiring a freelancer. So I've created the first DrawKit component Kit! It's made up of 100 different components, across characters, scene elements, UI elements, and devices, that are all designed to work together and be combined into a huge number of layouts, scenes, and illustrations. Every SVG component is hand-drawn on an iPad Pro, and then vectorised in Adobe Illustrator. Using any vector-editing app you'll be able to completely customise anything - colour, size, layout, add your own logos, your own elements, anything at all. The Kit is a one time purchase for lifetime access, able to be used in anything you like after purchase. Features: - 100 hand-drawn components, designed to work together - Fully vector SVG files - 25 characters - 25 scene elements - 25 UI elements - 25 devices - Customise the colours, sizes, elements - anything! - Build your own scenes, layouts, and illustrations - One-time purchase for lifetime access DISCOUNT CODES: I've also created 50 discount codes for the first 50 Product Hunt users, for 25% off the total price. Enter this code at checkout to apply it: j2d0v1p I hope you find it useful 😊 If you need help with anything at all when creating your illustrations let me know on Twitter at and I'll do everything I can to help! James

This must have taken forever, awesome that James has finally launched it!! I can see this being huge for people who want to create their own illustrations but don't have the technical skills / practice to be able to draw it all from scratch.


This is such a smart idea! Also, the illustrations all look beautiful 😍



Gorgeous illustrations!
@dinuka_jayasuriya Thanks so much Dinuka! πŸ˜„
Perfect, looks like the modularization of icons has made it's way to Drawkit. Drawkit is already pretty tight but waiting for new illustrations slowed things down considerably.
@jacob_rezi Thanks for the kind words Jacob, really great to hear you're liking DrawKit 😊 Yes, between Christmas, New Year, and finishing this Kit I've been slightly behind on the free illustrations πŸ˜… But now that this has launched, starting tomorrow it's back to a new illustration every day πŸ€“πŸ”₯
All i need is this and james is the man! If you guys are using this please vote this! Because this is the future of design! You are the man!!!!
@fajarsiddiq YOU'RE the man Fajar! Haha really appreciate that!