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Magic words are the interesting differentiator here β€” kind of like slash commands in Slack or @mentions in Telegram/HipChat.
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@chrismessina I downloaded this last night after seeing it on @dtrihn's Snapchat. Curious to play with it. Love the branding. πŸ‘
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@rrhoover dtrihn, what a guy
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@dtrinh Snapchat is the new Twitter eh?
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@rrhoover @chrismessina really great execution on the design :) love it
Interesting. This is by the team that made Byte, which launched only 4 months ago. Are you working on both apps, @dhof? Super curious to learn more. EDIT: I'm rrhoover πŸ‘ and here's my first post:
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@caseynewton @rrhoover The Verge is here!
Absolutely love the concept of and possibilities that come with magic words. Huge differentiator to every other social platform. Not to mention the super friendly copy and ease of use. Only downside is that I can't use social networks to find friends and it also isn't letting me scan my address book. Regardless, I'm looking forward to continuing using it and seeing how it fits into my day to day with friends. Oh and I claimed the username @cat β€” what a score! That has never happened as far as I can recall unless it was my own product. Add me! πŸŽ‰
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@imcatnoone you should be able to scan your address book for friends... are you having issues with it? hit us up at
@mikesun Yes 😿 Doing so now. Thanks, Mike!
@imcatnoone same here! @esquimal is rarely available :-)
@imcatnoone Love the onboarding - guides you through stepwise and you can act on everything that you get taught. Permissions are done well, except the push notifications - which comes up straight away without warning (sigh, why do you people still do this?) but otherwise good example to review for other folks looking to improve their user onboarding.
I compare Peach to status updates people used to make on Facebook (and how some people use Twitter). Interesting product, not much value proposition yet but it's fun to update your friends and keep track of what you do. Can't wait to see what their next steps are! Also add me, I'm @tiff
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@tzhongg thought the same thing at first, but like I said in my comment above the magic words are a big one. I definitely see a decent amount of possibilities. Like most (new) social networks, I'm a bit iffy but enjoying this so far. Ultimately depends on how active my network is on it which will determine my usage.
@imcatnoone @tzhongg +1 as well. Reminds me of AIM status updates. Nostalgia.
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@rrhoover @tzhongg seems like every product is trying to recreate AIM from 99/2000 era. Peach definitely has something going. This start reminds me of the earliest days of Path.
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@rrhoover @tzhongg Amazing how "status updates" are not associated with FB/Twitter anymore!
@jmacias @tzhongg I thought I had an original thought with the AIM thing, but then I saw this! ;)
Looks cool πŸ˜„ claimed my dream username @ad ,also my first choice of gif went really well with the follow up onboarding copy...having problems finding friends with my address book, I have a non us phone number and everytime trying to add it when requested I get a "something went wrong" kind of error 😟
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@adrianleb I'm having the same error
@adrianleb same here (UK number)
@adrianleb me too UK no. :(
@adrianleb same here with my Danish number. US only i guess…
@adrianleb They have a beta version with a fix. I just got access and it works! I guess you can join the beta too if you contact the Peach team at πŸ“§πŸ˜Š