Advanced PDF tools to make your job easier

PDFZero is a suite of free, cloud-based PDF tools. It offers advanced tools like PDF form mail merging and PDF Zone OCR in addition to the basic tools like PDF merging and splitting.
With PDFZero, you can:
* Mailmerge PDFs
* Zone OCR PDFs
* Merge PDFs
* Split PDFs
* Delete PDFs
* Reorder PDFs
* Rotate PDFs
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3 Reviews3.3/5
In my office we are constantly needing to merge info into PDFs and this is the best free solution we have come across. Fast, easy to use, and lots of other useful features.
The ability to create large mailings so easily is fantastic, but being able to use zonal ocr to pull data from the forms being returned for entering into your database is amazing. We save so much time from the efficiency of this product!
Wow, sounds perfect, I'm going to try it ;)
@new_user_afd351ebdb Thanks! Please let us know what you think!
Looks interesting. Is the uploaded data going to be safe?
@venkatsalem Thanks for checking it out! We permanently delete all files associated with a job one hour after the job completes, and do not distribute or share the source or generated files internally or with any 3rd party.
@stephenbprice Indeed, it's a good tool. We've been using PDFescape so far so how's this different from other?
@sumt7 Thanks for checking it out! I think our distinguishing feature is the ability to batch fill PDF forms from spreadsheets - my understanding of PDFescape is that it only allows you to fill out PDF forms one-by-one (though I may be wrong). We also have additional features like Zonal OCR to extract form-field data from flattened PDFs.