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PDF Search is an application which is making relevancy search to find the most relevant pages instantly among thousands of PDF documents. It searches how a human searches, it checks relevancy not only existency. It will show you the most accurate pages instantly by ranking them using its brand new algorithm.



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Hello to Everyone, My name is Muharrem. I am the developer of the PDF Search application. I was responsible for many documents in my professional life, but when I realized I could not access the information in these documents quickly, I decided to develop PDF Search. When I searched with ordinary search tools, they return a list of documents. Later, I had to open these documents one by one and do the same search again. When the number of documents was large, this was causing me to waste a lot of time. With PDF Search I wanted to move this search experience to a new level. When you search with PDF Search, it calculates a score between the pages of all your PDF documents and shows you the pages with the highest score first. Now you do not have a list of documents, but the most relevant pages you are looking for. You can navigate through these pages very quickly, even in different documents. PDF Search provides very accurate results with its unique algorithm using the following parameters. - Word Distance - Importance Order (Header or Paragraph) - Font Size - Font Weight - Document Update Date I hope you like "PDF Search" and support it upvoting. Best Regards
Kris K
Kris K@kriskayyal
Purchased & Upvoted. :)
@kriskayyal Thank you very much for your support, Regards.
nikosv@nikosvg · @iprogrammerinfo,@smadeseek,@UltimExtRec
will there be a version for Windows too?
@nikosvg Right now I don't have a plan for Windows. But, I may have in the future. Regards.