Just social networking. No likes/shares/follower counts.

Pden, pronounced Pen, is a decentralized social networking app which encourages thoughtful expressions by creating a space to facilitate responses rather than evoking reactions. Your Thoughts and Social Graph are stored in a decentralized storage system that you own powered by Blockstack's open source software.

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Thanks @amrith for hunting the app. Hi, I'm Deepak, one of the makers of Pden app. It is a simple decentralized social network to encourage people into mindful sharing of thoughts and conscious conversations around them. We've ditched the shares, likes, and all the other counts to focus more on the content and less on the metrics around it. It is powered by Blockstack using Blockstack auth and Gaia storage system. The following are the key building blocks of Pden, #Ownership of data and identity- Our users own their data and identity. #No vanity metrics- No follower counts, no retweets/share counts, no popularity metric. In today’s time, whom we follow and what we share/like/retweet has become a derivative of who and how many people are liking that. We want to change that. #Open source algorithm- Currently our user feed is in plain and simple reverse chronological order. Users should know how content is arranged in their feed so all our future feed algorithms are going to be open source and you can switch between algorithms as per your choice. #Mutual Consent- Your interactions with other users are controlled by mutual consent. They are private by default and can be made public only if the participants consent. This is an exciting new feature we are currently working on and will be launching shortly. Please let us know what do you think.
I think it’s pretty great that there’s a new app that actually encourages discussion and posts in a time where social media is starting to get oversaturated with irrelevant and sponsored posts, and a lot of fake activity to get more followers and likes. A lot of people are also facing anxiety due to the pressure that comes with likes and comments and sometimes don’t voice their real opinions. It’s great to give everyone a platform and the freedom to share their thoughts! Awesome app Pden!
@ornellaperl Exactly our thoughts behind creating this app. Social media has become a competition to capture attention than a tool to connect with each other. Pden is an attempt to think beyond like/share/retweet counts and go back to the times when social networking was indeed about connecting over ideas.

Waiting for the new version were current bugs are resolved


A better app as compared to fb & twitter were we can share our thoughts without knowing the numbers of likes, comments and other elements.


Slow but we can wait for improvement

Looking forward to the enhanced features lined up for the future


Loved the Idea, data privacy concept & decentralization. It has good features minus all the Likes & dislikes, which is a huge relief.


Add more features to attract people. Very few of my friends are on this platform as of now.

It's a great tool for interaction and also enlarge the scope of expressing creative ideas and thoughts. Knowing one another's views and discussing over it really helps to make the clear perceptions about things and open up the minds. And the best thing is that this app provides these things without any comparisons and judgements.