pCloud Transfer

Send large files up to 5GB fast, secure, and free!

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Sorry, Dropbox, but pCloud is much faster.
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Hey guys, I am very proud to show you a tool that we have been perfecting for the last 2 years and in that time grew it's traffic over 2000% from 13k to 300k monthly users. With pCloud Transfer you can send large files up to 5 GB up to 10 people absolutely for FREE, no registration needed. You can also send encrypted files so the transfer is even more secure. You just have to provide the password to the user you are sending it to. Hope you like it and it saves you a ton of time! Suggestions and criticism are both very, very welcome!
@proffi Something thats nice, easy to use, fast and functional, Great Ivan!
@csaba_kissi thank you for the kind words!
Since I've been using pCloud Transfer I totally forgot about email attachments! You also get notified every time some of the recipients downloads your link, which is pretty neat. The encryption option and the 5 GB limit per transfer blows out every similar wannabe service out there (sorry, Wetransfer!)
Been using pCloud Transfer for ages. It's easy to use, fast, straight-forward, plus the encryption option is the bomb for sending sensitive data.
Great service for sending large files, fast and reliable. We will certainly use it during our daily work.