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We did something similar with Ribbon a while back and played around with URL hacks to add product functionality. Try experimenting with that. could, for example, be used by me to send someone an invoice for $324.24 Beautiful design on the page. I think it serves a great need for many people who want to collect invoices in an easier manner. We haven't really worked on this in over a year as well, so sincerely best of luck to you moving forward with this idea! :)
@hany Thanks, that is a great idea, and I will make sure it appears on our road map!
@hany curious, where is Ribbon now? I've been really looking forward to your launch.
Here's my Payy page: so you can see the beautiful design.
To be honest, I would probably use Square's new $cashtags for this instead, unless I'm missing something new or different that this provides.
@rrhoover $cashtags is only available in the USA and only accepts payments via debit cards. Stripe is available in many more places all over the world, and works with many bank accounts and credit cards, meaning you have many more options. But that's just the beginning of the differences, post MVP we have many ideas to extend the platform, past what you currently see.
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@mubashariqbal gotcha! Thanks for the clarification.
@mubashariqbal @rrhoover However, payyme defaults to using $. Would make sense to support global currencies? This is far from ideal for someone like myself from the UK
@samuelkaizen Valid point, we hoped to do this but didn't fit it in for the MVP launch. I anticipate having this in place early next week.
@mubashariqbal since @Stripe supports Bitcoin, is there a roadmap to add that? I think that would open up a global use case for this. Overall, great looking website, love the design and simplicity. 2 thumbs up.
Can't you just use cashtags by square or stripe pays dedicated page?
@tysonquick thanks for your comment Tyson! You can use Cashtags, if you're in the US. Stripe is supported outside of the US in several countries. I know @Stripe has an embeddable form, but haven't seen a dedicated page before... We plan to add the ability for you to launch "subpages" within a minute for anything. Product, Service, Goal-based Donations, Subscriptions, etc. Think "Instapage for Payments" ;)
Interesting tool. Connect with Stripe (Payy takes an addition 1% fee on top of Stripe fee.) You get a personal payy page where people can type in a number and pay you. It'd be cool if, in the future, they added the ability to set a minimum price, or different pay pages for your products (i.e. Good work Dylan and Mubashar!
@natemhanson Thanks for hunting this. Also, thanks for the suggestions, all on our roadmap! :)
@natemhanson Thanks Nate for hunting Payy! I'm a bit late to the party, but can answer any questions... (so can @mubashariqbal) As Mubashar mentioned, both of those features are on the roadmap. Adding the ability to spin up "subpages" for anything, within a few clicks, is the next goal for us. We just launched this today and are excited to see where it goes!