Create a simple page to get paid for anything, anytime


Hany Rashwan
@hany · CEO, Ribbon
We did something similar with Ribbon a while back and played around with URL hacks to add product functionality. Try experimenting with that. www.payy.me/@hany/324.24 could, for example, be used by me to send someone an invoice for $324.24 Beautiful design on the page. I think it serves a great need for many people who want to collect invoices in an easier … See more
Nate Hanson
@natemhanson · Co-Founder, Sumry
Here's my Payy page: http://payy.me/@nate so you can see the beautiful design.
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
To be honest, I would probably use Square's new $cashtags for this instead, unless I'm missing something new or different that this provides.
Tyson Quick
@tysonquick · CEO Instapage
Can't you just use cashtags by square or stripe pays dedicated page?
Nate Hanson
@natemhanson · Co-Founder, Sumry
Interesting tool. Connect with Stripe (Payy takes an addition 1% fee on top of Stripe fee.) You get a personal payy page where people can type in a number and pay you. It'd be cool if, in the future, they added the ability to set a minimum price, or different pay pages for your products (i.e. http://payy.me/nate/mynewcd). Good work Dylan and Mubashar!