Paytm Inbox

Fast and simple messaging service with send/request money

#5 Product of the DayNovember 05, 2017

Paytm Inbox is a quick way to interact with your friends & family, send & receive money instantly

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I get what they're trying to do here, but the UX is pretty bad. With no option to get rid of the offers tab disguised as notifications, it's pretty much a spam galore. On a related note-- now that they've Paytm Mall app in place, how I wish they had split the ecom. and banking services to separate apps already (as promised). I've trust issues with Paytm ecom. and it leaves a pretty bad taste every time I open the app to be bombarded with low quality fake products they're proud of pushing to every other user. The app is one hell of a bloat right now.
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@binoyxj Everyone has trust issues with Paytm commerce because they use third-party couriers. I have had one experience with them and turned out positive. If they launch in-house delivery systems, I might actually shop more with them.
Honestly, UX is not satisfactory. It’s like I’m bombarded with so many options. It’d have been better if the app was simple.
@leoharsha10 Right. Not everyone is happy with that. It used to be simple at one point of time. Things changed.
Is this app also works in UAE? Please also include budget and expense management in the app.
@mohan_kumar No, this is available only in India.
Pretty cool feature, looking forward to see how users engage and use this.