Paytm Canada

Quick, Easy and Secure way to make bill payments

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Nice ! now good folks of Canada can also experience the awesomeness
Paytm Canada enables you to make secure, seamless bill payments for thousands of service providers available in Canada. While you’re at it, pay your friend's and family’s bills anywhere in the world.
This is great going by Paytm. I cannot wait to see where else Paytm expand to, and what innovative features they launch. Best wishes!
I don't get the value prop, ican someone elaborate for me? I can really easily pay all my bills from any banking app.
@thatmattgardner I have the same question. All Canadian banks have allowed you to pay all your bills online for about 15-20 years.
@francoismat @thatmattgardner may be they will offer cash back or free movie tickets for paying via Paytm.
I'm confused why Canada needs a new way to pay bills? It's pretty easy to pay bills in canada by credit card, or by direct bank transfer. Is bill paying particularly difficult in india?