Paysend Global Account is a new way to pay, around the world, in the currency you want to. Link a currency to your card and pay like a local, anywhere in the world.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Awesome! Love the clean UI.
Finally! Grats!
Product looks really promising, and everything is very well designed, big up Paysend team! Looking forward to getting that beta! 😍
Hey guys, Our Paysend product team believes that too many digital products started off simple, but then slowly became overburdened with extra features and “growth hacks”. And this doesn’t really work for people in the long term. We all have busy lives, we have too much noise and attention- draining digital products as it is. That’s why our approach is all about simplifying the customer experience. That way instead of feeling like you are bombarded with a long list of features, upsells and pushed into paid subscriptions, you have a focused simple flow. The product helps you to get the job done and then it gets out of your way. We’re working on preparing Global Account for the commercial launch, and in the meanwhile we invite you to try out beta and give us feedback. Let us know if you have any thoughts or questions. Would love to chat! Cheers, Alex Product Lead at Paysend
Revolut user here. Why I should switch to Paysend?
@ohyesohyes hi 👋 1. We have a different approach to designing the product. It’s all about simplicity and focus for us. 2. We have our own licenses and infrastructure, so it’s controlled by us and we’re resposible for its stability. 3. We have a different direction in mind. Building a global money app is an important step for us, but just step 0.