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In general a great initiative from PayPal and they surely already have the distribution to make this a success. However, I can't understand why they won't allow people to pay as guests (by entering their credit card details). Forcing to create a PayPal account just makes this much less useful. I hope this is going to change.
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@normanwiese They make the bulk of their money from people who pay either with existing Paypal funds or via ACH. It costs them 0 if you pay with paypal funds but a couple percent if you pay with a credit card (and a few cents if you pay with ACH).
@pitdesi To be clear if someone sends money for friends and family we don't charge either party. If they fund it w credit card then we are charged a fee and hence charge fee to the sender. If a business is receiving money for goods and services a fee is charged in that case to the business (receiver). That doesn't cover all cases but is the general framework. Venmo (part of PayPal) is all friend to friend.
I love the idea but why not worldwide ?
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@ilyashassani That's the problem with most of startups: US-only, sometimes even focused on one city only. With all things in anyway related to laws, Europe and rest of the world is totally ignored forever or "maybe in the future". In reality this is quite strange, I can use PayPal in Europe, but can't use this exact PayPal service.
About time.... if someone wants to see how looks a real example: https://www.paypal.me/openclassi... donations welcome! thanks :P
Very simple and amazing service.
@jacoago Am I crazy or is this not a direct clone of Cashtags by Square? = https://cash.me/
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@blendahtom My thoughts exactly when I saw this. Huge justification for Square.
@blendahtom @mikaelpittam square cashtags was a clone of ribbon.co
@_jacksmith which presumably just upped the ante on what venmo did, no?
Shoots fired at Square
@michaelhwan And yet, I won't use it because it requires a Paypal account and has a credit/debit card fee when Square cash is just perfect.