PayOnDelivery SameDay

Sell items online and delivered to the buyer that same day

PayOnDelivery SameDay is a payment and same day delivery service that helps online sellers sell their items in local marketplaces like Craigslist, Facebook Groups. Sell your items and have them delivered to the buyer in as little as 2 hours

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Luke Duncan
Software Engineer in Houston, Texas
Hey PH, Luke from PayOnDelivery here. PayOnDelivery is a payment and delivery service that helps local sellers sell their products faster on marketplaces like Craigslist, Facebook Groups and Marketplace, OfferUp, VarageSale and many more 📦. With same day delivery services like FedEx Same Day, sellers can sell their products to buyers through PayOnDelivery, buyers receive their product in as little as 2 hours. We then payout our sellers once the purchase has been confirmed. You know what that means - no more sketchy meetups with random people off the internet! Check it out: We launched our Same Day service last week and we are super excited to share this with you. As a special treat for Product Hunters we want to give you $15.00 credit to use our service if you ever need to sell anything through Craigslist, Facebook Groups or any marketplace you find yourself selling on. Click here, sign up and BOOM! Free credit: 🙏 We’d love feedback and if you have any questions, ask away! P.S. We’re launching our mobile app very very soon as well so keep your eyes open for as we love getting awesome feedback from the Product Hunt community.
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Sean BurkeSpartacus

My least favorite part about Craigslist is the whole song-and-dance you have to do with everyone about meeting up. This made it so I don't even have to bother with it!


Takes all of the annoyances out of Craiglist sales


None that I've really experienced so far

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