Payment for iOS

Charge your customers with Stripe

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I've used this recently and it's a really nice way to take payments on the go. My only complaint is that there's no total cost review before payment, so the 1% that this app takes feels a little hidden. I can see the potential for blowback from users.
@nickoneill good feedback. We haven't had any feedback regarding the 1% fee (even some users commenting the opposite), but I think you're right; it could be more transparent in the actual app. We list the 1% both in the App Store description as well as the auth view privacy. I'll build something dynamic that displays both Stripe + Payment fees in real time when you're entering an amount.
Payment is the companion app for Paid so you can charge new customers via Stripe Connect.
Doh. For some reason I thought this was an iOS SDK to be able to charge customers via stripe within another app.
@obenyoung we've actually considered open sourcing some of the work we've done. Either way, Stripe also has PaymentKit (which we didn't use):