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How does this compare to others in the space?
@bentossell #Paylino is #web-based only, the paying user doesn't need to sign up and we serve small businesses in #UK #EU.
Such a good idea. Is there anyway to change currency? Would need USD. If so- I'm on board!
@caitlinxmorin Hi Caitlin, Paylinko is a European business. At the minute, you can send payments in USD, however, the recipient needs to be based in UK or EU.
Square Cash is free, why and how is this better?
@eli_weiss My thoughts exactly. Square cash sends them an email which is... just as easy
@eli_weiss @evankimbrell Glad you asked. Square cash is based in US only and is P2P, thus not focused on B2B/SMEs. At moment we charge 1.9% and plan to lower that fee in the next 3 months.