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Sam Cambridge@samcambridge · Senior Developer @
Why wouldn't I use stripe?
Mighty Alex@mightyalex · Product Developer
@samcambridge There are countries where Stripe still isn't supported.
Thomas JensenMaker@tjconceptdk · Director
@samcambridge You might find our prices more attractive, but I hope our focus on removing abstractions will keep our product simpler and spark creativity. We have no plans of adding any of "marketplace", "customers", "recipients", "plans" and "coupons". We DO however have plans of adding "credit" transactions which is simply a reverse transaction and methods for pulling a card-token from any transaction and creating a new transaction based on that. I believe that is all you need to create the others and more.
Thomas JensenMaker@tjconceptdk · Director
To use our services you will need a registered company in one of the following countries: Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Lichtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden United Kingdom
Jonno RiekwelHunter@jonnotie · Product Designer
Another great service that let's you accept payments online. Does anyone have experience with it?
@karlfright@karlbright · UI/UX Developer
@jonnotie This looks really interesting, even though the page seems a little broken. Hoping a producthunter has used it and can comment.
Thomas JensenMaker@tjconceptdk · Director
@karlbright @jonnotie I'm sorry about that. Honestly the website is not our first priority at the moment. Services and processing are stable, API's are stable and now we're focusing on expanding the dashboard to accommodate all API features.
Ilyas Hassani@ilyashassani · App Entrepreneur
any picture show's how the form looks ? can i use the service ? i am outside the US @tjconceptdk @jonnotie
Thomas JensenMaker@tjconceptdk · Director
@ilyashassani @jonnotie See the list of supported countries further down this comment stream.
Mighty Alex@mightyalex · Product Developer
I like the simple/modern design. One question: what are the options for the money withdrawal? Also, how can you delete a test account?
Thomas JensenMaker@tjconceptdk · Director
@mightyalex Thanks! We'll reach out for your funding details when you start processing. We'll need a bank account and documents to verify your identity and ownership. You cannot delete accounts at the moment - it's simply not a priority at the moment, but it is on our to-do list.
Ryan Oberholzer@ryan_za · Senior Software Engineer
@tjconceptdk What are the supported countries? :)
Thomas JensenMaker@tjconceptdk · Director
@ryan_za @mightyalex We accept all currencies and all cards within the Visa and MasterCard system. Currently we can fund only European companies though. You could consider basing your business in Denmark, were it is extremely simple to register a company and we have a very vibrant ecosystem of startups.
Matty Mariansky@mmariansky · Product Designer at Meekan
@tjconceptdk is Israel considered European? If not, do you have a timeframe for extending support to other countries?
Thomas JensenMaker@tjconceptdk · Director
@mmariansky @mightyalex I'm pretty sure it is actually covered, but give me a second, and I'll have a definitive answer for you.
裕波@lovevfp · 运营
Design is very good, simple but elegant