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Reinvented Payment and Affiliate platform, empowering vendors and digital publishers with the tools to sell their products online.

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@afkehaya, as one of the co-founders, I wanted to say THANKS for "hunting" PayKickstart! As a THANK YOU to the entire Product Hunt community, I created an extended Free 30-day trial for you here: We created PayKickstart to fill a massive void for online businesses selling digital, physical, or even service-based products. So many times it's overly complicated just to sell a product online. Not anymore with PayKickstart. You can literally start selling in minutes... AND connect to all of your favorite apps that you use in your business (like autoresponder, webinar service, membership platform, and more). The goal of PayKickstart has always been to help make our customers more money while simplifying their business at the same time. Built from the ground up for our own digital software business, PayKickstart alone has been responsible for tripling our sales (from features like one-click upsells, high-converting customized checkout pages that contain all of the crucial selling-elements, order bumps, free and paid trial subscriptions, and more). And at the same time, when a sale is made, ALL of your integrations can happen at the same time... Create a membership level for your customer with your favorite membership platform, automatically add them to your autoresponder and tag them, submit a "Zap" to zapier, send them a physical product by notifying your fulfillment company, register them for a webinar, and more... all at the point of sale. Here's a quick graphic to illustrate this: With PayKickstart, you can also manage all of your affiliates and easily get them to promote YOUR products for you - pay them instant commissions, as well as what's called "lifetime commissions". Affiliates drool over this because they know that when they promote your products, they'll be paid and they'll continue to get paid on future sales from their referred customers. As we continue to refine and add to PayKickstart, receiving amazing feedback and requests from our current users has been a big help. We believe that if we can help you make more money, you'll help us grow and make PayKickstart the best shopping cart and affiliate management online! :-) We hope PayKickstart is just as powerful for your business too. I can’t wait to hear what you think!
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@matt_callen You're welcome! I love PayKickstart it's an amazing product. super easy to use even if you've never setup an affiliate program. Also, the oneclick upsell is magic!
0% Transaction Fee and full fledge affiliate system seem to be a winner! Recently we were looking for a better affiliate system of our SaaS apps...Tapfiliate was something closest but integrating with payment gateway is a big hassle...Paykickstart seems to solve this issue.
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@frazahmed , appreciate the comments! Yeah, we offer our sellers the ability to totally control their affiliate management... Instant Commissions, Delayed Commissions, Lifetime Commissions (based on per customer, per visitor, etc).
Nice, complete system...makes many of the other payment gateways seem like ornery step-sisters. Once you have your goals set, this is pretty easy to get them accomplished. Looking forward to putting it through it's paces; but so far, I'm impressed!
well done guys . what i love is the 1 click upsells - that mean more sales funnel
It's a great tool and also easy to use for those people who are affiliates (I have used the platform as an affiliate) I've added you to my curations!