Recurring payments with two lines of code

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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 20, 2019

PayHere is a simple subscription payments platform for startups and indie hackers, saving you lots of development time that you can better spend on your own product features.

  • Pros: 

    Simple and easy to use



    I have been using it as part of my website and it has taken the stress out of taking payments for me

    Benjamin Mudge has used this product for one year.
  • Keith Donaghy
    Keith DonaghyTech Lover

    Added payhere to in minutes. Now I dont have to worry about chasing payments each month.



    The admin time saved chasing payments from clients each month is now used to develop the business.

    Keith Donaghy has used this product for one month.
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Lee Munroe
Lee MunroeHunter@leemunroe · Designer. Developer. Maker.
Nice resource for makers building their own SaaS products. Big fan of products that remove a lot of pain (like setting up a payment platform) and let me focus on building. Two lines of code and you have a subscription billing service ready to go. Congrats on the launch @peteyhawkins @scott_wylie1
Pete Hawkins
Pete HawkinsMaker@peteyhawkins · Co-founder of PayHere
Thanks @leemunroe for hunting us! And everyone for all your support so far! 🙂 Just thought I would chime in and introduce ourselves. Scott my co-founder has been called into hospital with his wife to have their first baby this morning, so the reigns have been handed over to me for the day to answer any questions you have. We built PayHere out of frustration from our software development company always needing to build the same functionality over-and-over again for every startup or small business web app we built. PayHere comes pre-configured with common sense receipt, dunning and payment failed emails to help reduce churn and provide a great customer experience. We also provide a customer area to allow customers to self-manage their subscriptions and update their payment methods. We have a long roadmap of features in progress too, such as PayPal integration so you can connect up Stripe and PayPal seamlessly and with two lines of code be up and running on your site. Anyway, enough from me, hope you like the product and every product hunter can get 50% off with the promo code PH2019 🎉
Chris McClelland
Chris McClelland@chrismcclelland
Love that you've boiled this down to two lines of code. Great job and congrats on the launch.
Scott Wylie
Scott WylieMaker@scott_wylie1
@chrismcclelland thanks for the feedback. Someone once said always be simplifying! 😜
Steven Hylands
Steven Hylands@shylands · Co-founder and CCO at @get_yomo
Congrats on the launch guys. I discovered this yesterday and quickly integrated into a site to test. It was a real breeze to setup. I love that you can deploy this for any use case without the user having to leave your website. Looking forward to trying it on a few more projects. Keep up the great work!
David Shawe
David Shawe@theshawe · Designer, Invisible Building
Very cool product. 🤙🏻
Scott Wylie
Scott WylieMaker@scott_wylie1
@theshawe thanks for the feedback! 🙌