Send and request money for free and in realtime

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Payfriendz is a new entrant in this burgeoning and competitive space. I like the simplicity of their workflow, and they work across multiple currencies and countries. Apparently, all transactions are free except for cross-currency transactions, which are charged a 1% fee. I also like the fact that it's available both on iOS and Android.
I wish it was available in the US. Their SEND/REQUEST money process looks very simple and I wanna try it. Can you send me some more screenshots, @volkerbreuer? There's not a lot on the website and I can't even view in the Appstore.
@bradenhamm thanks! I uploaded some screenshots here We're working under EU regulations and will pretty much focus on the UK for the moment. Sorry.
@volkerbreuer Wow, thanks for the screenshots! I bet it's tough when regulations get in the way. In the request flow screenshot, do you tap a friend, then tap send request to bring up the chat screen?
Yep, that's exactly how it works.