Paycheck Calculator

Easily determine your after-tax income

Paycheck Calculator is a mobile app that quickly computes and subtracts the tax deductions from a paycheck's gross income based on a few customizable inputs like pay period, hours worked, hourly rate, yearly salary, marital status and others.
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Hey PH, Edwin here, I created Paycheck Calculator because I was constantly asking myself 🤔 the following questions: 💵How would my paycheck look like if... - I accepted a job with a yearly salary of X? - I received a raise of X dollars per hour? - I moved to X city? - I worked X hours of overtime this week? - I increased my 401k contribution by X percentage? And I wanted something simple that I could quickly pull up on my phone, had my previous calculation saved, and computed the deductions as soon as I changed a single number. The app has been on the Android Play Store for a little over a year and I just released the iOS version last month. 📱 Give it a try and let me know if you have any questions or if you'd like to hear about the features I'm working on. The app is pretty small and is free! 🤙
what country is that based on?
@itai_neter Hey Itai - thanks for the question! At the moment it is US only.
This is great, thanks @evin1_! It'd be great if you could change the frequency of individual deductions. From my quick test, that was the only thing I noticed that I can't replicate about my paycheck.
Hey @_taurean - thanks for trying it! That's a good idea, I'll try to include it on the upcoming releases!
Thanks for building this! Is there a privacy policy? My income data is sensitive.
Thanks for the question @yefim! You can find the privacy policy here