Your face becomes a virtual card.

A customer centric, seamless and secure digital payment ecosystem for a safer, faster and more convenient shopping experience.
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Mihai Draghici
serial entreprenuer
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Chinmaya choudhuryI'm a 3d landing page designer.
@mihai_draghici1 hey cody. Nice work. i like the service and product. But i think we can improve the website. I'm a website designer and developer i would love to help you with this. If this is something you would be interested in. Then here's a link to my website : Thanks.
Mukund Kumar JhaEntrepreneur Based in New Delhi
Mike has done a wonderful job, PayByFace will be instrumental in the coming decades to transform the payment processing at retail outlets to ensure safety and economic productivity to the consumers. I love the leadership and astonishing remarkable innovation of Mike. Thank you very much for all the work you do. I truly appreciate it from the core of my heart and wish you nothing but success in all your ongoing and future endeavors. Best regards, Mukund
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