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Christopher Hopkins@hopkinschris · Co-founder & Software Engineer
I still feel like a huge idiot when I sit down at my kitchen table and write out a dozen cheques to seal up in an envelope and send off to my landlord via snail mail. This looks like it could be a nice pain killer for tenants, and create some nice gains for landlords, especially with multiple tenants and properties.
Tyler GalpinMaker@tylergalpin · Co-founder @ RadPad
@hopkinschris Thanks Chris! The best part is your landlord doesn't need to be signed up for you to use it :) They will still get a check in the mail every month.
Reuben Metcalfe@reubenmetcalfe · Growth geek, Serial upstart.
Ugh. This is an embarrassingly good idea... coming from New Zealand (Where no one uses checks, ever, EVER.) it seems really, really crazy that there's even a gap to close in the first place... and yet I still find myself giving four figures to very old Portuguese woman on a physical piece of paper every month... even after I outsource tasks so minor as to be virtually inconsequential to my time. It's bananas. Well done!
Tyler GalpinMaker@tylergalpin · Co-founder @ RadPad
@ReubenMetcalfe Totally crazy, yet millions of renters here in the US (and abroad) still have to mail a check every month. We're trying to make that a lot easier! Thanks for the kind words dude.
Tori Bunte@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
Is the main difference between RadPad & SparkRent the ability to pay with credit card / cards in general? I synced my checking account to SparkRent, and have used it for about a year. My roommate owns our condo, so I just have it set up to automatically withdraw every month. How else would you say your product differentiates itself? I'm totally into asking my roommate to switch.
Tyler GalpinMaker@tylergalpin · Co-founder @ RadPad
@stttories A couple things: 1) You can pay with a credit or debit card. 2) Checks: we currently send a real, paper check to your "landlord". In the next release we will be adding the ability to transfer funds electronically (or via Apple Pay). 3) We're working with the credit agencies to allow you to use your successful rent payments as counting towards improving your credit score. This is going to be really useful for folks like me who are not from the US and have no/bad credit.
Tori Bunte@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
@tylergalpin Awesome! Thanks for the answer Tyler - if point 3 goes through successfully, I'm sold forever. I'd love to have my obligatory rent payments actually be advantageous (aside from the whole roof-over-my-head thing). I'll keep my eye out for the next release. He prefers digital payments over physical checks.
Tyler GalpinMaker@tylergalpin · Co-founder @ RadPad
@stttories Awesome to hear. We're hard at work on making that a reality :)
Josh Puetz@joshpuetz · Senior Software Engineer, Codeship
As a landlord, charging fees to the renter is a non-starter for me: I'd never convince my tenant to pay for it.
Tyler GalpinMaker@tylergalpin · Co-founder @ RadPad
@joshpuetz Even for $4.95/mo?
Jonathan Eppers@jonathaneppers · RadPad
@joshpuetz so do you prefer to pay the fee? Pay with RadPad is about giving renters options (like using a credit or debit card). If they choose to pay the fee shouldn't that be the renter's decision?
Christina Warren@film_girl · Senior Cloud Developer Advocate
I love this and cannot wait to use it for my own rent this month. Seriously, going to the bank to get a cashier's check (long story that has to do with how checks are deposited in our building) or me writing a check is just ridiculous in 2014. Love it. Love it.
Jonathan Eppers@jonathaneppers · RadPad
@film_girl Just make sure you sign up today so we can ensure your Oct 1st rent is paid on time! The cutoff time is 9am tomorrow :)